Talk To Ronel Counselling

Turning Troubles into Triumphs

At talk to Ronel Counseling we are passionate about providing you and your family with the help you need to turn your troubles into triumphs. Here you will find compassion and understanding along with practical and professional help, whatever your circumstances may be. Our head counsellor, Ronel, is highly qualified with experience in various areas of counseling and therapy for the whole family. Our staff have experience and training in various areas including counseling, disability care, sandplay therapy, sensory play, early childhood education and also training and assessment. We have a passion for finding ways to help individuals, families and all those affected by disability and mental illness in whatever form that may be. We are always learning and improving our services.

We are continuing to develop our new website. We hope to have many improvements to our website over the coming months.

Check back later for new updates to this site. There's much more to come!