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Talk To Ronel Counselling

Turning Troubles into Triumphs

Counselling Services

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Family counselling is provided for troubled families. This is of great benefit when the family has to cope with sickness, trauma, mental health issues, or going through a difficult time for any reason. When one person in a family has a difficulty, the whole family is affected in some way. Let us help you to achieve the goals you have for your family's wellbeing.



Children with a diagnosis of ASD, or without any diagnosis, but struggling with coping socially, depression, difficult behaviours, anxiety, healing after a traumatic event or suffering from a chronic disease benefit greatly from counselling. This is especially effective when using sandplay therapy. Sandplay therapy does not need the young client to be able or willing to verbalise. It is true that children can work out a solution using their hands and miniature toys to create a picture in the sand.



Adolescents often struggle to adapt to all the changes in their lives, struggles with peer pressure, anxiety, depression, are exposed to drugs and alcohol, and suffer traumatic events just like the rest of us. Being young, they may need some counselling from an objective person outside of their family to help them adjust and learn to cope.



The best relationships go through difficult times. With some assistance, these issues can often be resolved and will bring the relationship to a new level.


Substance dependence

Dependence on any substance - alcohol, drugs, prescription and over the counter medications - can ruin our lives and those of the people we love. No one decides to become addicted to any substance, as it often starts quite innocently. When you realise the use of substances became a problem in your life: do not despair - there is help available.


Anxiety and Depression

We live in a world where anxiety and depression is rampant. Teens and children are not excluded from suffering from anxiety and depression. Help is available.



Is your child being bullied? Does your child bully others? The child may need some social skills training, find ways to deal with his/her own anger and emotions, or an issue in the family may need to be dealt with.



Traumatic events happen to us all, but sometimes the effects of traumatic events can leave us devastated, unable to go forward, overwhelmed and more. Sometimes a series of smaller traumatic events over time, can have the same effect as one major traumatic event. You do not need to struggle through this on your own. A therapist can walk with you through this time and help you to heal and be able to continue to lead a fulfilling life.